Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh my.
So, while I was in the shower today, I had the weirdest day dream ever.

So, Aimi, Sergie, and I went to go see Hey Monday right? My hair was curled and all pretty. Haha. Anyways, while we were waiting in line, Jersey came out! Woo! Haha. We all started screaming his name because we had gifts for him and the rest of the band. Once he got to us, he was like "Heyy guys!!!" Then we started talking and I commented on Jersey's hair and he was like "You did something different to yours. Curled right?" Then I was like "Yeahh." Then he asked us if we wanted to go backstage to give the gifts to the rest of the members. How could we turn down that offer?! So, we went backstage and the rest of the Hey Monday crew thought it was the sweetest thing. Then we were talking to Cass and Jersey and they said they wanted to hang out with us after the show. We told them that we had school the next day and they got sad. Then Cass was like "What time do you guys get out of school?" In unison, we all said "Three." Then Cass was like "We're picking you up. End of story." Then we were like "Really?!" And Jersey was like "For sure." Then we gave them the address of our lame school. Then, when they came to school, Jersey and Cass came in to go and find us, and about like 10 people ran up to the both of them. They all asked why they were there and they were like "To pick up Monica, Aimi, and Serge." Then everyone was just shocked. Haha. Right after that, I snapped out of it.

But that was pretty wonderful, no?

xoxo Monica. <3


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