Saturday, June 06, 2009


What's up? I had a lazy day.

I didn't get out of my PJ's until three. Hahas.

Tomorrow I am going to Highpoint mall!!! Woo! (: It's HUGE. Huh-uge. And, if my mumzy is in a good mood, and if we have time (I'll make time), she'll take us to American Apparel!!! :) My biffle Indi has nevur been. Maybe that's because there's only one in Victoria. Hmm. HEAR THAT, AA? Haha. (: Say buh-bye Lucy's bank account.

Oh no! I just missed 11:11!?! Why does this always happen to me????? D:<

Dood, I'm tired.

And my hip hurtsss. Sciatica. It's evil. I'm only 13, why am I getting it? It's like this nerve that runs down your back & hip then down the back of your leg and most people that get it are older than 45 or pregnant. Well, I'm neither of those and I still get it. Grr.

Ohkay. I don't like complaining here, but oh well. No one can talk back. Haha. (:

I'm off to dreamland. Good night.



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