Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Greetings month of June! :D

I never post on this thing anymore. I miss it. It's a place where I can vent and no one can give me crap about it.

So. Life is blah right now. It's hard to explain, but I really don't like it. I miss when everything went the way I wanted it to.

Anyways. I'm going to go buy Mitchel Musso's album today! (: I'm pretty excited for it. He has a song on it with Mason. Hehe. I LOVE Mason. Hehe. But yes. I'm going to see him perform on Friday at the Grove and he's doing a signing after. You don't know how excited I am to see him and meet him.

Man. Since I haven't blogged in a while, I feel like I'm going to make this post like SUPPPA long.

Hm. Oh. So. Saturday was my biffle and her twin brother's birfday! LOADS of fun. Man. We had a cake war and it got DIRTY. Haha. We had to clean after. I didn't mind though, because I had a lot of fun. That night when I got home, I took a 40 minute shower. I shampooed, conditioned, washed my body, and washed my face twice. Haha. I have never been that happy to be clean in my life. Ever.

So today during Life Skills, we had a speaker come in. It was the speaker that puts the condom on the banana. Haha! The whole time, while the two volunteers were putting the condom on, I thought of Juno. I swear man. That movie like, owns my life. Haha. But yeah, I learned a lot today. PVABC! Haha. Penis, Vagina, Anus, Birth, Control. Hahahahaha. That's something we learned today too. Man. XD

That was dirty. Haha! Freakin Life Skills class.

Anyways, this Saturday I'm possibly going to hang out with my friend Joel and my cousin Charlie. Oh how I miss our weekend hang outs. All three of us used to hang out like almost every weekend. Now we barely see each other. I miss it. I love those boys so much.

Hm. Oh. So. My phone bill came yesterday, and internet was somehow magically added to my number. My mom got all curious and stuff and she called in. Then cancelled it. D: Blah. Maybe that's why I had internet for the past like 2 or 3 weeks.

La di da di da.

Oh! So. Alex DeLeon from the Cab is here in LA! :DDD It is my goal to find him. Haha. Today, he posted a Tweet saying, "Walking around the 3rd street promenade and nearby santa monica pier in california. I'll buy lunch for the first person to come and find me." At that moment, I wished I was able to drive and that I was able to sign myself out of school. You seriously don't know how much I love Alex. I mean, I love all of the Cab, but I'm like IN love with Alex.

Ahhh! Our 9th grade class is going to Universal next week! I'm not all that excited since Universal is freakin boring, but hey. A whole day not at school at a theme park. It sounds fun, so. Cheaaa. Whateves.

Hmmm. In TWO weeks, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times comes out! AHHHHHHHH! I am SOOOOO excited for it. It's like un-explainable how excited I am. Haha. Wait. I don't even think un-explainable is a word. Is it? Anyways. Yeahhh! I am so excited. They previewed all the songs from their new album during their Facebook live chat and I loved ALL of them. I'm WAYYY excited.

Hm. Did I mention I'm seeing Mitchel Musso on Friday? I probably did. Haha. I don't feel like scrolling up.

People are annoying me. D':

I spent a good 10 minutes crying today. God. I hate life right now. D:

Listening to Hellogoodbye makes me happy. I have no clue why, but even their sad songs make me happy. Maybe its because every time I listen to them, I picture Forest, and Forest is love. Or is it Forrest? Oy. Whatever. The lead singer of Hellogoodbye. There! :D So, I guess every time I'm sad, I'll just listen to them. That sounds like a good plan.

So. I want to paint my room. Possibly a light sea foam green. Or maybe baby purple. I don't know yet, but I wanna talk to my mom about it. I made a deal with her that if she lets me paint my room the color I wanna paint it, I'll put less posters up. My boys will still be on my walls and probably dominate my room, but just less of it? I guess. I don't know. Haha.

I'm finally a college kiddo! (: Haha. I'm going to take weight training and theater. I'm pretty excited for theater. Then maybe the semester after that, I can take the theater class that I wanted to take in the first place. I didn't get to take the one I wanted in the first place, because the theater I'm GOING to take is required to take the one I wanted in the first place. MAN! That made NO sense what so ever. Well. I don't know if it did to others. It did to me. Haha.

I miss the way everything used to be. I miss my cousins. I mean, I see them, but I LOVED the old them, now I hate the people they've become. Blah. I miss everything. D:

OH MY! So, I just remembered that I'm seeing Miley on Friday too! If I end up going that is. She's introducing Mitchel. (: Hehe. This will be my first time seeing her. Or is it the second? Hm. I can't remember, but yeahh.

I really wish that I was friends with the celebrities but I wasn't one. Like, I dunno. I mean, it sounds cool being friends with them. Like, I'd absolutely LOVE to be friends with my boys, but I think everyone would. And like, how cool would it be if you went shopping on the weekends with like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez? Oh how I wish I had them as friends.

I'm writing wayy too much. I'm going to go bug my mumzy to take me to Target now, so I can go get Mitchel's cd. I'll be back to tell you people how it is! :D

xoxo Monica. <3


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