Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh my! Why isn't it letting me change the font of my writing? This is not my font people!!

Ohh. Haha. Hola. (:

Well. I'll keep it simple. I fail. Rawr.

My friend just got a new puppy, and she told me on MSN, and she told me it's name was Max.

Today, I get to school. I go on and on about the dog and how adorable it is. But, turns out I was calling it Tommy the whole time, not Max. I'm like "Where did I get Tommy from???". Then, it hit me. Serge's fluffy kitty is named Tommy! I blame Serge. Haha. (:

Tommy's sick though. He was wormies. :( Keep your tail held high Tommy!!!

I just finished watching American Idol. Kris won! Yep. Surprise much? Yeah, it was. I'm happy. But he'll do well. I was think, only seven other people EVER know what that feels like. He's one lucky guy. Haha. Yeahh.

Dum di dum di dum, what was I gonna say?

Oh yeah! I lost my voice today. I was really sqeaky sounding. I sounded like a distressed mouse! :) Haha, it passed. I was quiet for 40 whole minutes!!!! :o Personal best. Haha. This is weird, but if you've met me you know I sing ALLLLL THE TIME! Haha. Not well, might I add. (: But it was harder to not sing than to not talk. (: Yerr.

Kayyz. I'm out. Tomorrow's Fridayyy here. And I'm going to Enchanted Closet! Woo! I haven't seen Kate in a while. . . :|

I have Electrical tomorrow! I hope I make it. With the solder thing & without detentions. He hate me. D: Haha.

Ah! I want Starbucks!!! D:< Grr.

I'm out. (But my belly button's in!)




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