Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Ohkay. I'm sorry. I've been planning to update this thing for days. I fail. . . Yeah.

13 MORE DAYS! Oh man, I'm so excited. Oh yeah! Till Jonas Brothers Vines, Lines & Trying Times.

Monicuh: (: Hey love. I know what you mean 'bout the friends with celebs thing, I think we'd get along with. . . well. . . everyone. Haha. <3

So. There's like a 70% (Or maybe more) Like 75% probability that we're moving back to L.A.. I'd love to go back because I miss everyone too much to take, but it's like "Well, thanks for moving me to Australia, but now that I've made really good friends, lets go ahead and move me back." Ugh. D:< And don't worry, I'll catch up on missing a year of school!?! No problemo. It's so frustrating.

This'll probably be long. Beware.

Indi's sleeping ovur this weekend! Haha, last time she ended up staying the whole weekend. (: We're probably going to Highpoint shopping center. There's a Glue Clothing (It's a store, nothing to do with Glue people) which is a good and a very bad thing. I LOVE the stuff there. Sass and Bide, Vans, Converse, True Religion. Ohyeah! And they have a brand called Nude Lucy!!! NUDE LUCY!!! Haha. It's nice stuff there.

OHYEAH! There's a website called, and they have all band merchandise. Like, Hey Monday, Metro Station, Boys Like Girls, uhhhh someone else good too. . .. Chyeahh.

Ohkay. That's all I have to say. (: Hehe.

Oh! And. . . eh, I'll tell you later. I'm tired. Haha. I'm not lazy. . .



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