Sunday, June 21, 2009


I got Vines, Lines & Trying times.


I love it oh so much.

It's lucky I have it though. Sanity music didn't have it. D: They'd sold out. I didn't wanna buy it on iTunes b/c the CD's have the little booklet. With bonus features. :) Right, so the chick said they'd be getting more later next week. I was really sad. So we went to JB Hi-Fi (Like bestbuy) and the had it! I was really happy. (: The people their are very rude though. So we went back to sanity while waiting for someone, and they had it! On the shelf! WTH? BUT, it was nearly two times the price! :o. I would've got it anyway. But then I was angry at Sanity. But happy I got it. Hehee.



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