Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dearest Lucy,

Third place love?! Congrats! (: I'm proud. Yeahh. Because of the stupid Swine Flu, my sister doesn't want to come and visit me. :/ Arg. But everyone is getting supppa paranoid about it. Well, I am. Haha. Everyone loves being called "love" so it's fine. Hehe.

Hello everyone. :D Today was actually a pretty good day. Haha. I had fun. Somewhat. One of the teachers asked me, Aimi, and Serge one of the funniest things ever. "Is he into guys or girls?" Haha! It was so funny coming from a teacher though, about another student. Haha. I love her.

I really do miss being in elementary. I have no idea why, but I just do. I guess since it was so drama free and everything was well, wonderful and what you wanted it to be. Middle and high school years build you up for the future, but what if you're not ready to grow up? What about those people? I don't know what to do . . .

I think I'll go on a long walk tomorrow. I'll walk to the park and swing on the swings.

Hopefully the letters I wrote Aimi and Sergie get to them by tomorrow.

I wish I get to see the Stewart family on Sunday. I've missed them so so much.

Hm. If Aimi and Sergie are both coming over for the weekend, maybe we'll work on a shoot. I have fun being their model, but I never know what to do with my face. Haha. Sometimes its just blehhh. You get me? Haha.

Well anyways, I've got to go now. My mumzy and paps are telling me to get off the computer now. I'll blog from my phone when something worth blogging comes up. Haha.

xoxo Monica. <3
Greetings everyone. (:

I'm sitting on the school bus on the way to . . . Somewhere, I don't even know where, but we're going to plant. How fun is that?! D:<

I swear man. We did this stupid field trip last year and it was really boring. We plant stupid trees in the hot sun. Iew. Isn't that SO much fun?! Yeahhh. NO! :/

Oyy. So. I dunno what I wanna do today. Well. When I get home. We're talking about having a pool party at Sergie's house. XD Cheaaa right.

La di da di da. I don't know what to say anymore. I'm going to go now . . .

xoxo Monica. <3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monicuh: Mmm. Some people here got it, like I don't know 'em or anything though haha. I'm not sure when 'Vines, Lines & Trying Times' :) But thanks, love. I use love to much. Haha oh well. . . :)

Hello loves. 

I got a HPV shot today. It hurt. My arm isn't that hard though. Woo! 

I got a new book. "Very Vintage" I oober excited. :) I'll blog 'bout it later. 

OH! On Polyvore (I'm Duckybutt) I got third place in a contest! Woo!  I'm very proud. Haha. 

I'm out. 


Dearest Lucy,

This Swine Flu thing? It's like the normal flu. Like, if you have symptoms of the normal flu, you're like supposed to stay home and if you're getting worse, you gotta go get this special medicine. It's supppa weird. I wish I knew more about it, but like my mumzy is getting supppa paranoid about the whole thing as well.

This morning she told me that at school I have to keep constantly washing my hands and that I should tell my peers to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and that I should start carrying around hand sanitizer. I was just like "Uhm. Okay mother." She's talking this thing wayyy too seriously, but then again, people should start practicing those habits because you never know if your going to get it or not. So cheaaaa.

I hope everything is swell in Australia. Every time I mention Australia, I think of the Jonas Brothers' song. Haha. <3 Speaking of the Jonas Brothers . . . When does their album get out there? I hope it does the same time as us. If not, I'll send it to you. Fasho. (: I wanna write you a letter and mail you bracelets really badly, but my mumzy won't let me. She was like "You talk to her on the internet! Blahh blahh blahh." I'll find a way to get stuff to you though! :D

Girl, you need to visit as soon as you can. You really do. Haha.

OHMYGOSH! So, there's this band called The Downtown Fiction. You should check 'em out. They're supppa catchy and amazing. Sergie, Aimi, and I are going to see them next week. Well, hopefully. But cheaaa. They're really good, and when you comment them on MySpace, they write you back! (: <3 They're here recording their new EP! I'm tempted to go and hunt them down. Haha.

Anyways! I hope everything else in life is going fantastic.

I think I'm going to go now. I'll write to you later love.

xoxo Monica. <3
Good morning fellow bloggers. (:

How is everyone doing today?

Well, I'm currently in first period Itergrated Coordinated Science. Its crap. I really hate this class with a burning hot fiery passion. Oyy.

I hate hate hate being at school. The only reason why I'm here is for my friends. They're my life. Aside from my fam bam and the Jonas boys. Hehe. (:

My biffle Aimi says hello. (: Hehe.

Oyy. I had breakfast this morning and my tummy is STILL growling at me. This is evil!

So I really like my outfit today. (: I'll take a photo and post it once I get home. Woo. Hehe.

Alrighty, I'm outie.

xoxo Monica. <3

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey loves. :)

 Miss Monica: Hey love. Thanks, it's getting a little warmer. . . thank god haha. Yep, my ankle is feeling better. :) Thank yous. :)

Ohkay. What is this Swine Flu? It sounds scary. I fear for my friends. I couldn't live with out them. . . I was like "I'm from Cali. Does that mean it'll track me down and eat me?" My dad was like "Well, it won't eat you. And no, it won't."  Hahas. 

Hmm. I don't have much to say. Today kinda sucked. I got detention in Electrical because I didn't do enough. Rawrrrr. 

My bus is sooo full! Like, no one can sit by 'emself. FRUSTRATION D:<. . . 

Well, I have a veggie roll in the oven and it's about ready.

Hello blog. (:

This blog is for Lucy. Aw. I hope you read this.

I'm sorry the weather is so terrible there. 47 degrees is hell. Haha. Its been chilly here as well. Grrr.

Your poor ankle! I hope you're feeling better . . . Awwww. Sorry I wasn't on AIM to make it better. Haha.

Anyways . . . Greetings everyone! :D How are you all doing? Fantastic I hope. (:

I'm pretty swell. I think I'm getting sick though . . .

So this Swine Flu thing is making me supppa paranoid. Oyy. Ohh well.

I'm gonna eat din din wiff my biffle now.

xoxo Monica. <3

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ellow blog. . .

I'm so tired. I was almost asleep in English. My friend was like "Lucy." I'm was like "Huh? Whut? I'm awake. . . barely." 

It's so cold here. Like 47º. Mhmm. Burrrr. The high tomorrow is 45º. 

Well. I have nothing else to say. . .

Wiff the biffle at the moment. (:

Bff "I want one of those running thingies." Me "A treadmill?" Bff "No! Like one of those bike things, but you run." Me "A treadmill!" Bff "Oh! So that's what they're called?!" Me "Yeahh!" Bff "Then what's the bike called?" Me "An exercise bike!" Bff "Ohhh!"

Haha she's the best. I love my biffle. <3

My biffle is Aimi Hoshina. She's my lover. She sleeps in my bed. XD

Today was a good day. Hehe. I liked it.

Alrighty. I'm outy.

xoxo Monica. <3

Hey blog.

I'm feeling glum. I have to go back to school tomorrow, I have a sore & swollen ankle and I don't even know why. . . and there's no one on IM to make me feel better. But you don't wanna hear me complain, now do you?

So, what's this Swine Flu? I keep spelling flu 'flue', I don't know why though. It's a killer. Literally. I suggest you do some research.

I got a new bag. A Country Road one. It's purtttty. It's red, white & blue! Woo! I tried to find it online to show you, but it's not online. 

My friend & I planned to take my other friend shopping this weekend. I thought her birthday was on the fourth, but it's on the ninth. I felt soooo bad!!! :(

I'm waiting for Sonny With A Chance to come on. Another hour :·| Oyy. My eyes are closing as we speak. 


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Greetings everyone. (:

I'm finally posting from the computer! Ohh man. This is crazy. Haha. XD I'm sucha looser.

So yesterday I ended up going to American Apparel wiff the mumzy. (:

I got two oversized shirts, a dres, a cardigan, and a headband. Woo!

I'm currently listening to The Postal Service. They remind me of Sergie. Hehe.

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Cash Cash and Danger Radio. Those catchy people.

Oyy. This summer, I want to go to so many different shows, and maybe even New York if Aimi ends up going. Grrr. I doubt I'm going to be able to do everything I want though.

Ayy! I have to do homework on stupid Studyisland. I hate that stuff with a burning hot firey passion.

La di da di da.

I have piano lessons today. Gr. Sometimes I don't mind, but other times I hate it. Like I REALLY hate it. Ah.

I don't have much to say right now. Hm. I don't know what else to mention. Haha.

Ohh! So I said I'd put a picture up of my phone a while ago. Haha. My Babycakes covered phone. Well, here's a photo for you peeps.

I'm planning on send that photo into their website and hopefully it will be posted there. (: Hehe.

Babycakes FTW! :D

I can't wait for Warped Tour this summer. (: I get to see Paul again! Woo hoo! And more Babycakes merch for me! :D

Alrighty. I'm going to go now.

xoxo Monica. <3

Ayy lovelies. 

I haven't blogged in a while. So much could've happened. 

No school tomorrow! WOO! I might even go shopping! Even better!!! :) Maybe American Apparel, if I'm reallllly lucky.

I have nothing to say. I'm out. 


Friday, April 24, 2009

Greetings blog. (:

Oyy. Its chilly tonight. Maybe I'll actually sleep with pants on tonight. Haha.

So, I'm still in need of a scroll ball. STILL. D:< I found one for $25, but my mumzy said that's a waste of money. :/ Grr!

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to ask my mumzy if she'll take me to American Apparel tomorrow. Hehe. (: Woo!

Oh my oh my oh my! Who is excited for the premiere of JONAS?! I AM! :D I'm anxiously waiting. Haha. Eight days left! Heck yesss! (:

I had a great day today. It was a lot of fun.

OHHH! My new nick name is Moniker. Hehe. Thanks Androo. <3

Oyy. I think I'm gonna go now.

xoxo Monica. <3


I love vintage photos. Or vintage-looking photos. Hehe. Well, I was looking through my photos with my cousin Timmy and I found some pictures of my aunty and uncle and they were so awesome! I just had to share. 

I think this one is from the 70's... look at her dress!!!

I'm not sure when this one's from but the light was really nice. . . :)


It's Friday!!!! That means we can do our weekly obsession. 

This week: Mitchel Musso!

Mitchel Musso is one of the cutest boys evurrr! I don't like him just because of his looks though. He's super sweet and cares about his fans and takes time to try and talk to all of them. His brother Mason is in the band Metro Station. One of my favorite bands ever. Haha. Anyways. I've seen Mitchel three times. Twice at a Metro Station show and once at an Honor Society show. He's an amazing actor and is supppa adorable. -Monica

I heart Mitchel! I think he's sooo talented. I didn't know he could play guitar or sing so well until a couple of weeks ago and I was like "Wow!". He brother Mason is oober cool too. He's in Metro Station! WOO! Back to Mitchel, Well, he's on Hannah Montana, adorable, and talented! He just released a new single, and I'm pretty sure he's working on an album! :)What more could you ask for? Haha. -Lucy

lucy gives hugs.

monica gives kisses. 

Morning Sunshine.

Well, actually, it looks very wet and rainy. I'm supposed to go shopping with a friend today, but it seems mucho complicated. We've gotta work around a couple of things. I think it'll work, though. I hope. 

I had all of my candles lit yesterday. My room smells good. I think I want another one... or two. I was so bored last night. It was sad. 

I'm out.

Good morning blog. (: Its been a while, so I figured I'd write.

I am sitting in my kitchen, texting and eating Honey Bunches of Oats. :)

Today is Armenian Genocide which means that half of our school isn't going to be at school today. Its gonna be so quiet! :/

I honestly think I'm getting sick again. This is terrible. I have a stuffy nose. Blehhh.

Its gotten quite chilly in the sunny state of California. Grrr. I prefer Cali staying nice and warm.

Everyone tells me I have nice legs. Haha. I wore shorts everyday since Saturday up until yesterday because it was supppa cold yesterday. I really do hate the weather here.

Ohh look. My phone is screaming at me telling me I have text messages. I'm going to go now.

xoxo Monica. <3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ellow loves. 

Today it rained and we have leaks in our roof. FRUSTRATION. (That's my new word) I wanna go to the Enchanted Closet... but my mumzy won't take me. :|

School was fun. In electrical me and my friendzy made a sign saying "We're on strike" and it also said "I love Nick J" haha. 

Sergie is so funny. On her facebook it says "I plan to become a unicorn with suppapowwaaz that is married to both Peter Pan & Harry Potter." Funny stuff.

I'll be back.

Good morning blog! :D

Today feels like a good day. I hope it turns out ecstatic.

Oyy. It went from being SUPER hot to really cold. Oyyy! I hate the weather. Ohhh well!

So last night I fell asleep at like 9:30. Geeeeze I'm lame. Haha. I woke up this morning at 5 something to 30 text messages! 30!!! Thank you Twitter haha.

Hm. I don't know what to wear today . . .

Oyy. I still needa work on my math homework. Fudge cakes!

Alrighty. I'm gonna finish getting ready.

xoxo Monica. <3

This amazes me.

Just thought I'd share.


Hey Everybody! It's me the one and only BELLA!! My daddy is a fashion photographer with my BFF Stella's daddy. And my mom is one of the best fashion designers for ELLE. I have tons of rich and popular friends including Stella (SuperStylishStella). I hate aeropostale, hollister, abercrombie or anything that is cheap. A lot of people are jealous of me, but i cant help being rich, popular, and gorgeous. check out my sets! 
XoXo Bella

What's wrong with these people? The world does not revolve around them!

Hey blog (:

I just heard Ashley Tisdale's new song. I'm not sold. I think it was a little too much. Just a little. :/ 

I just saw the new Jonas Brothers album. I'm spazzing. "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" WOO! 

I'm out. 


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good morning blog. (:

Blehh. I really don't wanna be at school right now. Eghhh. I hate school. I wish it would burn in hell. Muahahaha.

So. I'm wearing shorts and they keep rising up and its pissing me off. Grrrrr.

Oyy. Picture day today. Arg. I don't wanna take photos. I look like crap today. Oyyy.

Man. I sound like a little whiny kid. This is crap. Haha.

Oyyy. I got in a fight with someone yesterday. Haha. It was funny. XD So now that person and I aren't talking. Let's see how long this lasts. Hahaha.

Oyyy. I don't wanna be here!

Whateveur. I'll stop complaining. Byeeee!

xoxo Monica. <3


Demi's tour presale go on sale today. Spazzing. So sad I can't go. :( It will be amazing. 

I'm watching The Suite Life at the moment. I like Sonny With A Chance better. :/ 

My mumzy ate most of my chocolate eggs. I said I was very disappointed in her. Grr. 

Polyvore. Check it. 

Nothing exciting to say, so don't get too excited. :|


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Just got home from schools. This school thing gets in the way. A lot. Rawr. 

I wanna do something. I just don't know what to do.

My dad cleaned my room.. well he just piled everything up on my desk and on top of my new ($65) scarf! Now I have even more cleaning than I did before. Joy! :|

Man. I'm wiff Aimi right now. Haha. She's sleeping over. Just being with her makes me ecstatic. XD

We have too many moments. Haha.

You can check my Twitter account to read some of them. (:

I haven't written in so long. :/ I feel terrible. Lo siento Lucy!

So, Aimi and I wanna be promoters for like bands and clothing brands.

We wanna promote Hey Monday, The Downtown Fiction, and Babycakes.

We'll see how well this goes.

I'm out for now.

xoxo Monica. <3


Just a little blog. I haven't blogged much today. 

I found this little catalogue in Enchanted Closet. It was a brand called "Junk". I now love it.
Check it.


I didn't get my hair like Cassadee's but I reallllly like it! It's shorter and it's more layered and thinned out! Woo!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Heya blog. 

I'm having some major doubts 'bout my hair. :/ Monica has gone to dreamland I think... I hate time difference. I'm thinking of getting it like Cassadee Pope. From Hey Monday. I'll talk to Kate about it... she'd know. 

Ohkay. Off to the Hair Dresser. I don't even know her. I'm scared. :|

Hello blog. (:

Right now, Sergie is feeling down in the dumps. I was listening to my songs on shuffle and the most appropriate song popped up . . .

Underdog by the Jonas Brothers!

This fit the spot so well. I'm not even kidding.

"Everyone sees her, but nobody knows her. She screams in her pillow for a better tomorrow. She hates, but she takes it. Watch out for that girl. One day she may change the world."

It just fit SO perfectly and it made me happy that it popped up so I figured I would blog about it. Haha.

Alrighty. I'm out for now.

xoxo Monica. <3

Woops. That's last message got sent on accident. Haha.

I slept pretty well. Right now, we're watching people present their projects. Boring.

I think I'll pay attention now.

xoxo Monica. <3

Good morning blog. (:

I am currently sitting in my first period. Science. Oyy. I hate this class, but its supppa easy. Haha.

Hello sweetie pies.

It's been a while.

So, I'm watching the iTunes count down and wonder how Eminem's new single got on the top 20 or whatever it was. I don't understand this. At all.

Ugh. I'm tired. :/ 

Out for now. 


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Have you ever had suppa chapped lips to the point where they start bleeding? That's been happening a lot lately. Its pissing me off.

I don't wanna go to school tomorrow. Then again, I never want to go to school now a days.

So, I've been watching Natalee Holloway for the past hour. Its REALLY good. It makes me sad to know that this is a true story. :/

Today I decided to cover my phone with Babycakes stickers. Well. The back cover. Hehe. Now I need a clear case for my phone so I can show people. Woo. I'll put a picture up in a little bit.

I have so much lotion on that I can't hold my phone without it slipping out my hands. Its pretty funny. Haha.

I'm going to go now. (:

xoxo Monica. <3

Good morning. (:

So. I'm watching music videos right now and Soulja Boy is on. Ughhh. He's so freakin annoying! He's like a one hit wonder. Kiss me through the phone? Who the hell says that? Ughhh! Crappy, pointless music frustrates me!

Hm. I'm hungry. I have no idea what to eat though. Hm. I kinda want toast. Man. We don't have toast bread. D:< Oyy.

I wonder if I have piano today. Maybe I should call my cousin. Blehh. She'll tell me later. My mumzy won't let me switch from piano lessons to guitar and she won't let me take both. D:< Grrr.

Blame it on the aaaaaalcohol! :D Haha. This song is so catchy! XD

Gr. My lips are so chapped that they're bleeding. :/ Blehh. I need new chapstick.

I'm out. Peacee.

xoxo Monica. <3

Yo. School tomorrow. Woo! Joy! Not.

'V Australia' is now following me on twitter. Imma tweet them "Hey, wanna talk me home." Cause, you know, they're a... what'd you call 'em? Airline, that's the one. V Australia's an airline. 

I'll try to fit a short little post before school tomorrow. I'll try, I can't guarantee it though. I like riding in the comfort of my own car a lot more than the bus. Well, mumma's car. Same deal. 

I finally finished all my homework. Now I just gotta get up early tomorrow to print it. :| fun. I really don't wanna go to school. Urgh. 

 - Hannah Montana Movie
 - Hey Monday. 
 - School. 
 - Earrings. 
 - How many bracelets I could wear to school without getting detention.
 - If Serge will still remember me when she's a famous photographer. 
 - Pants.
 - Oh I wanna go shopping. :/ 

Hello blog :)

I just saw the Hannah Montana Movie. It was oober good, I suggest seeing it. I thought I was gonna cry once... :/. Don't just diss it because "It's Hannah Montana". 

Me and twinny (that's your new nick name love (: You likey?) were talking 'bout "New Moon" and how our boys may have a song. JB. Monica and I would go and see it just for the song! We'd just like be bothersome and then through a spazz when the song comes on. :) Woo!

Hello blog. (:

I haven't written in a while.

I am currently sitting on my bed watching Life With Derek and talking to the amazing person I share this blog with.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Diet Lipton Green Tea is amazing? I swear I have like three or more bottles a day. Haha.

Hm. I'm praying I don't have piano later today. I want to go to the American Apparel store wiff my mumzy.

Gr. My nail polish is all chipped. I must paint them again.

My room is somewhat clean! Wooo! Go me!

I've been working on a PowerPoint with our friend Aimi. Its going GREAT! I forgot how to work PowerPoint and started messing around and taught myself how to use it in like five minutes. Woo! By the way, its a PowerPoint on the band Hey Monday. You should check them out. (:

I'm outie.

xoxo Monica. <3

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dudes. I'm so excited. 

They're coming out with a Beatles Rockband!!!! (You know, they game... Rockband) I'm going crazy. CUH-RAZ-EE.  It ships September 9, 2009. Hey.... my birthday is on the 15th. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise. :)

I wonder what songs they have... hmmm. 

So. My dad was yelling at me, because supposedly they were yelling at me to go down for lunch, but my music is really loud so I couldn't hear them, and then when my cd stopped I heard my dad yelling and he was like "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! WE HAVE BEEN CALLING YOU TO GO DOWN TO LUNCH AND YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!" I was like "My music was playing!!!" He was like "Then why did you hear me now?!" I was like "Because my music stopped!!!" And now he's mad at me.

Grr. Why do parents get so mad easily? This isn't fair.

Whatever. I have no idea what I'm doing today. I was supposed to go to the beach wiff my cousin Bree, but I don't know if that's still gonna happen.

Hm. Shopping later? We'll see. I'm out. Gotta clean.

xoxo Monica. <3


I'm bummed right now. 

I can't find ANY 'Hey Monday' sheet music. :(

If you EVER see any, please tell me.

Yo yo yo. 

Just a thoughts post...

-Hey Monday
-Is the day of silence international? does blogging count as talking? :|
-If I should be checking our blog email...
-I want more tea
-Daddy like Sergie's photos. He said they were really good :)
-I wanna redo my room. Again.




I still want tea. I'm contemplating whether to get up and make some or not. :|

I'm watching Sweet 16 on a foster child that just got adopted like a year ago. I feel bad for her. It sorta looks like she takes everything for granted. She failed the driving test... the quiz part. It saddens me. 

I don't want my license. I just want a pink golf cart. Not an ugly one, a pretty one... 

I've decided to make some tea. It'd make me feel better. Even though I don't really feel bad... tea just makes you feel better. It's like instant awesome. 

Yo :) I haven't blogged for 12 hours. It's gonna be a long one. 

I heard (read) Monica saw Hannah Montana Movie. It doesn't come out here till... June 24. I swear, Australia is really slow. Like, REALLY slow. 

I'm tired.  Soooo cold. I want some tea.

Let's talk about Fairy Bread. It's when you get yummy white bread, put butter on it, and put sprinkles on it. It's Australian. It's supa yummy. Try it.

Yesterday, I was talking to Serge. She told me to go to It's this awesome idea where you send 'em your mailing address and they send you a sticker. You put that sticker up somewhere in town, take a picture of it, and they'll put it on there website. Awesome, huh? My mumma said that I can't. Not cool. 

How many perfumes do most women own? I wanted this one "Echo" and it was cheap but mummy said I have to use up my Vera Wang "Princes" before I get another one. I was frustrated. "God forbid you own more than one perfume at once." I really wanna try the "Rock Princess", it's like a twist on "Princess". 

So, I can't blog from my iPod. I dunno why... it should work, right? :/

I need a room with a long hallway as you enter, a nice walk-in close, and an on-suite bathroom? Don't we all? I want it mainly because I need more wall space. I have so many decor ideas...

Yep, that's what I have to say.  

Oh! And I got a Hey Monday poster!!! :)


Friday, April 17, 2009

So. The Hannah Montana movie was great. (:

I did the Hoedown Throwdown. Haha. I felt weird because I was like the only one doing it, but whateves.

I still really wanna see 17 Again. We saw people that left school today. Brenda Su and Darah whatever her last name is. That's what I hate about the Northridge Mall. You'll always see someone you know. OHHH! We also saw Kesho's sister and some other girl who's name I forgot, but she went to our school too.

I feel terrible. My mumzy gave me $50 and I have like $2 left. $23 went to movie tickets, $20 went to a shirt I got, and $5 went to pizza. I spent $23 on movie tickets because I payed for Aimi's ticket.

The new shirt I got was something I HAD to have. It was . . .

xoxo Monica. <3

Hello blog. (:

I am sitting in Dalilah's car wiff her mumzy, her, Aimi, and Jilber. We're on our way to the mall.


Hehe. I think I'm done now.

xoxo Monica <3

Grr. My mother pisses me off. I swear. Sometimes I just wanna shoot her. Now I'm at school wiff red puffy eyes and a red nose. She made me cry :/ Evil. Well. I got my way, so its all worth it. (:
Good morning blog. (:

Hopefully today will be a good day. I still don't know if I'm going to the mall wiff my friends yet. Isn't that great? Hopefully my mumzy says yes. I want to go really bad.

Well anyways, 17 Again comes out today and I wanna see it bad. Hm. What else do I wanna see? I wanna see Taken as well. Oh! And the Hannah Montana movie of course. Man. I wanna see a lot of movies. Let's hope I end up seeing all of them. Haha.

So. Tomorrow I am most likely going to the beach wiff my cousin Bree. WOO! :D Ohh. And maybe Aimi. Hehe.

My tummy is growling. This isn't good. Hm. I don't know what I should eat. Hmmmmm.

La di da di da.

Alright. I'm done for now.

xoxo Monica. <3


Just got back from dance rehearsal. Two of the girls in my group were making fun of the Jonas Brothers. I don't know them. I bit my tongue. What's wrong with them people? Oh, wait, NOTHING!

Sleeping over at Maddy's tonight. Woot woot! That means no more midnight creative sprees. Hmph. Oh well. 

Between 11pm and 1am I:
Took Pictures
Wrote a song. 
So what it all sucked? I'll get better.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I wanted to post before I went to bed. So cheaa.

On my mind right now:
¨If I'm going to the mall tomorrow
¨Why the song is called the "Hoedown Throwdown"
¨If he likes me :o
¨Why people hate the Jonas Brothers so much
¨Where to go get Oreos right now
¨Why I'm all itchy
¨Why people keep texting me
¨Why do celebrities go to bed so late

And much more.

David Henrie is suppa cute. (:

Hm. I think I'm done. I just felt like listing what's on my mind. I'm going to go to bed now. Good night everyone.

xoxo Monica. <3
Greetings. (:

So. I am STILL in need of a scroll ball to my phone. Its been what? A week already? No! More than a week. Grrr. I need a freakin scroll ball! D:<

Enough about my ghetto cell phone. How was everyone's day today? Mine was alright. Once my dad got home from work, I told him I wanted pizza for dinner. His reply was "Okay. We'll go later." I ended up falling asleep, and when I woke up, I walked downstairs and my parents had already eaten dinner and there was no pizza for me. :/ Evil daddy. Ohh well!

Tomorrow, I might be going to the movies with some friends. I finally might go see the Hannah Montana movie! I'd rather go see 17 Again though. Hm. Well, if I go, we'll decide for sure. Hm. Maybe we can see both! I'm ready to do the Hoedown Throwdown and I'm ready for some ADORABLE Zac Efron. (: Hehe.

So. Apparently I'm writing wayy too much for my phone. I'll be back.

xoxo Monica. <3

Yesssss! I could finally get "Hold On Tight" by Hey Monday! 

Dudes, this album is awesome!!!! You HAVE to try 'em.

I would've got it sooner but I had to pay because I went a little over my iTunes budget last month. Well, I think I spent $80.... :/ whoops. 

Anywho, I've played it through like 6 times! I only got it last night!!! Haha :) I love Hey Monday. 

I'm watching Nanny McPhee for my first time. Let's see if this is any good.

Man. I blog exactly how I Tweet. Too often. XD

xoxo Monica. <3

Yo yo yo. I am currently sitting on my mumzy's bed watching the Ellen Degeneres show and anxiously waiting for Jesse McCartney's performance. (:

School was okay today. I only saw my best friend Mr. Lame once. Ohhh well.

Say what?! Ellen is going to have a baby?! :o Ohh. Wait. She's adopting? Haha. No. She's gonna be an auntie! Woo!

Hm. I have strawberry breath. Haha. Isn't that wonderful?

Hehe. Ellen is so funnay!

I need to pee. Gr. I need to do homework. I need to ask my mom if I can go to the movies tomorrow. I need to see the Hannah Montana movie still. Ayyy! Man. I should make a to do list. Oyy.

So. My jeans were so tight today that when I unzipped them to go to the potty, I had red marks about three inches deep because of them. Ohh well.

I talk to much. I'm going to shut up now.

xoxo Monica. <3

So. I just read Lucy's post about Cassadee and I'd like to clear some stuff up.
Well just one thing really. XD

I gave her the bracelet with the heart and the stars and Aimi gave her the one with just the hearts.

Haha. I'm in Spanish class now. I've gotta go now!

xoxo Monica. <3
So, I finally got those photos onto my puter. (: Woo! 

Well, I like a couple totally random ones. Just pictures of my clock, a clothing tag, and a bracelet box. To me, there's something about these three photos. THEY'RE ACTUALLY IN FOCUS :D

PS. You gotta read my previous post before you look at these (suckish) pictures :)


This one (above) has that vintage 70's tinge. I like it (:
This one is my least favorite. I hate it. But it's in focus :)

This one (above) is my favorite. I have absolutely no idea what I love about it. I just do. 

Dudes. This isn't cool.

Ohkay, so around 11 PM I started having this creative surge. I drew for a while, then got my camera out, mainly to take pictures of my sleeping kitty. Then I had this great idea. Let's just say it involved post-its and nail polish. So, when that didn't work because I had bad lighting in my room (It was like 11:30 by now) I just started taking pictures of random things. Shoes, tags, boxes. EVERYTHING. And since I have a low-quality camera... It's cheap... I can get the photos in focus about 45 % of the time? Maybe. Slowly and surely I'm seeing an improvement! No, I'm not amazing, and no; I don't plan on being a photographer but I feel proud of myself right now. :) 

Haha (: That was supposed to be short. That wasn't the point :). Now, I'm trying to put them on my iPhoto and my iPhoto is being SUPER stupid. I'll get the good ones i took, if I ever get them on my puter, and put 'em up here :)

Haha, way to keep it short & sweet. 

Oh my! So. I forgot to mention that Cash Cash is having a video shoot today. Man. That's why I said that school should start at ten. Uhhh! I'm missing the Cash Cash video shoot for "Party In Your Bedroom" because of school. Grrr. School is an evil whore.

xoxo Monica. <3

Good morning Blog. I am currently sitting in the car singing along to the Cab. (:

School today. Bleh. We all need an education and all that jazz, but I hate the person that invented school. Like really. How many kids want to spend about eight hours five days a week at school? I wish school would start at like ten and end at three. I can live with that. (: Or maybe we could keep the normal eight hours, but not have school on Fridays. That would be wonderful.

Ohhh well. We don't always get what we want.

Stereo Skyline is now pumping through my speakers. Baby keep my heart beat b bea bea beatin! :D

Alrighty. I'm done for now.

xoxo Monica. <3

Well. I'm back again. Just a short post this time, don't worry ;)

Monica got to go to Bamboozle Left '09. She met Hey Monday and gave them some bracelets.

I found a picture of Cassadee  online, she's practically modeling Monica's bracelets!!!!

Big Kid Vintage

I was just thinking 'bout that Polaroid camera. Thinking of good collectable stores, and I remembered Big Kid. 

Big Kids is this awesome store, in Sherman Oaks, they sell everything & anything vintage or collectable or just plain fun. It's mostly retro stuff, they have a soda machine from 1963! And it still works!!! They also have free popcorn.

It's perfect for gifts and t-shirts and just to browse!!! Especially for the vintage Barbie craze I'm going through right now!!!

Check it out!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, blogger is down for maintenance at 2. So i thought i'd get one of these in now.

We've had this thing for two days and we've posted like 4097607607 times. (:

I'm frustrated. They play Phenius and Ferb at this time every day! I hate that show! Stop playing it when I'm watching TV. 

Now I'm watching the Rachel Zoe Project. They needa make more of these. I love when she goes shopping. It's fun. How old is she? :/ She was vintage shopping and pulled out a Versace full-length red carpet red dress. It was amazing. I almost died. Then, she pulled out a vintage Missoni. I swear I had a heart attack. Then a second ago I was shopping online and I saw a copy of that dress except shorter. *cough cough* copycat *cough cough*.

That's all I had to say.


-lucy <3
What is this? My like 50th blog today? Haha. Well. Whatevurr. I just wanted to write that I'm going to bed. XD
I swear I'm so lame.

Good night everyone. Peaceee out.

xoxo Monica. <3

Alright. So right now I am SO jealous of Lucy. Why? Because she already saw 17 Again! I want to see it SOOOOOOOO bad.

Who thinks Zac is a cutie? (:
I DO! :D

xoxo Monica. <3

The Polaroid

It's cold today. 

I really should be doing homework at the moment. I figure homework is pointless. 

I want a Polaroid camera. Bad. I almost got on at a yard sale once. Are there bad quality and good quality polaroid cameras? So many questions... Mumma said "You'll never find the polaroids they print on" I was one buck! So what? The next day I saw some polaroid paper (What do you call that?) at Ralphs. I got mad. She was wrong. Real wrong. 
Anyone have a spare Polaroid Camera? 

I mean, sure, you can put little polaroid frames around the picture on the computer... but that's not fun. There's something about the rawness of polaroids.... 

-lucy <3

I really do think I write on this thing too much. My apologies Lucy!

I figured I'll write in this, because I'm listening to the Cab, and the Cab reminds me of Lucy. (:

I don't have much to say. XD

I think I'll make bracelets tonight. If I have the energy and the time to. Does anyone want me. Text/IM me if you do want one. (;

My mumzy is yelling at me to shower. Goodbye for now!

xoxo Monica. <3

So. I'm going to be obsessed with this thing now. XD

I will probably end up posting a blog every ten minutes. (:

Right now, I'm sitting on my parents' bed wiff my mumzy, watching American Idol, eating cheddar and sour cream Ruffles, and I'm sippin on some mango juice. :D Life is good.

So. I really need to start trying in school. I hate the fact that I'm so lazy sometimes. It really does get me mad. My grades are starting to slip. I need someone to push me. I need someone to encourage me! Anyone wanna take the offer?

I just saw another commercial for 17 Again. Someone should take me to see it. (:

I'm done. For now at least. Peaceee.

xoxo Monica. <3

Ohhh man. So. I just realized I had A LOT of spelling errors in my last post. Forgot to spell check. (: Sorry!

xoxo Monica. <3

So. Right now, I'm supposed to be working on my identitiy box for my life skills class, but I'm tired of flipping through magazines. Its rather boring looking for stuff that desicribes me. I don't think I'm going to finish it by tomorrow anyways. Ohhh well.

Well. In the post, I wanted to give props to Lucy. She set up this amazing creation and made it glamorous and set up our joined email. She's AMAZING! Since she lives in Australia, and I live in California, we're going to try our hardest to post a joined blog every week. (It was Lucy's idea. Wonderful right?!) Hehe. Lucy is my long lost twin. Like, no joke. :D She always knows how to cheer me up and I LOVE that about her. Did you know that she made a video for ME?! Like DEDICATED to me! She's so awesome. (:

Well. My phone is yelling "I'm dying!" at me, so I'll update in a bit. :D Adios!

xoxo Monica. <3

Latest Obsession: The Cab

We decided every week we are going to post on our latest obsession. 
This week: The Cab. 

Well. The Cab is an amazing band. I knew OF them, but I didn't start listening to them 'till the wonderful Sergie mentioned one of their songs that she was in love with. Then, it happened. I fell in love. (: They're all wonderful gentlemen. Can you believe three of the five are named Alex?! THREE!  Haha. I love the Cab though. I had the chance to catch them at Bamboozle Left not too long ago and they were GREAT!  -Monica

Well, my story is much shorter. Monica and I were just talking 'bout music. Like we always do ;) and Monica mentioned The Cab. What can I say? The Cab is love. You MUST check them out. The only sad part is, it's hard to find there posters. (: -Lucy

Monica's favorite Cab song is- "That 70's Song"

Lucy's favorite Cab song is- "I'll Run"


Monica & Lucy


Hello everyone. (:
Now that I can update this thing from my phone, I'll be posting more often.
OHHH! This is Monica by the way. :D

So. Today, I tried logging onto Blogger on my friend's iPhone and I'm a doof and was using the wrong email so I couldn't log in. DUH MONICA! Haha. Man.

So. I don't know what exactly to talk about. Right now, I am currently listening to Cash Cash and working on my box for Life Skills and wondering if I should write more for my science paper. Ohhh well.

Today I found out that Demi Lovato is going on tour with David Archuleta and had a freakin spazz attack. Like. No joke.

Haha. Okay. I'm going to get to my homework.

Adios everyone!

xoxo Monica. <3

Testing 1, 2, 3, Testing

Test test test. Let's see if this works.


Well, I really wanted to let Monica have the second blog. Sorry, love, but I could resist. 

Lemme tell you about a little amazing person I like to call SERGIE! She's 14, like Monica, and she's an AMAZING photographer. I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos with you. 
Sirijit has a flickr,, with all her photos. 
 She uploads photos on there, a lot, so check 'em out.



First blog, woot woot!

Hello loves,
Let us introduce ourselves,
Meet Monica. 14 1/2. Has OJD. She'll be bloggin' later... tomorrow. ;)

I'm Lucy. I'm 13 1/2, I also have OJD. I love music, fashion, and other stuff. 
I like rainbows. They excite me. I'm sorta living in Australia at the moment. I have a Mac. You should be very jealous. I think I'll be using this a lot. Monica is my other half. I'm a LA girl. :)


P.S. We don't really know how to work this thing yet, so please excuse our bobo's... ;)